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Rock Hard 4x4 Shipping Policy

Rock Hard 4x4™ employs a team of Shipping Specialists who package and process your orders. Our manufacturing facility in St. Paul, Nebraska is also where all RH4x4 products are given their final quality control check prior to packaging and final destination assignment. Whether it's a phone order, online purchase, or Dealer purchase order, all orders are given the same care and quality assurance.

Initial Order Processing
Once an order is received in our processing department we check consistency of build and perform a destination check with FedEx software. The build check helps us ensure you ordered the right parts based on the components being requested. A Sports Cage for a CJ5 tells us the harness bars for the XJ you also added to your invoice may have been an error and we should contact you to confirm.

The destination check helps us verify you included all necessary shipping information including apartment or suite numbers. Nothing is more frustrating to you than a shipping delay and we want to do our best to get you your products in a timely manner.

Product Packaging
Two components go into each and every package before it heads out our doors:
Accuracy - We are wheelers ourselves and aren't scared to roll up our sleeves and install parts on our own rigs. That means we absolutely understand the frustration of missing parts, hardware, or wrong product received. Trust us - we get it. We strive to be as 100% accurate as possible when packaging your order to make sure each and every component is correct and accounted for.

- There's a very good reason we are one of the few manufacturers willing to ship powder coated/finished products. We package and protect our shipments to the very best of our ability with the very best tools available. We know you paid good money for our powdercoat finish and the last thing we want is for you to open your RH4x4 box and find scratches, dents, dings, and any other imperfections. Everything from who we select as shippers to how we lay parts inside boxes or on pallets is thought out. From our foam injection protection pouches to our weight distribution inside our heavy duty shipping boxes, we do our best to ship you a product that looks as good as it did when it came out of the powder coat oven.

Prior to bandstrapping and/or security tape application, larger orders with multiple components like cages plus bumpers are taken one step further and photographed and logged. Dealers and customers installing a full RH4x4 armor wrap have seen these tags when their shipment arrives. Photographing pallets does two things: it holds the shipper accountable should the need for a claim arise (happens very rarely with FedEX), it also holds our team accountable internally and helps the senior members of our shipping team train the newer groups. Part of our success comes from being in the industry for decades. We've seen it all, built it all, and invariably shipped it all. The technical knowledge behind how to properly package, load, and ship a pallet is invaluable when it comes to delivering a professionally assigned and shipped customer order.

Order Receipt
You, the RH4x4 customer, are our final team member. You are now part of the supply chain and are our very best source of feedback. If you love it, tell us. If you have a question or comment we encourage you to tell us as well. Should the need to reach us after order receipt please do not hesitate to pick up your phone or sit down at your keyboard and reach out to us.

Customer Service: 1-844-ROCK-HARD
[email protected]