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When you are flat towing a vehicle, the most important component is the tow bar, and they're not all created equal! Blue Ox™ offers a variety of tow bars with different features and options. We at Rock Hard 4x4™ have taken the extra step of narrowing down their best selling tow bars and accessories that traditionally work best with our bumper design.

Choose from any tow bar below and we'll simply add it to your out going Rock Hard 4x4™ bumper pallet. It couldn't possibly be easier.

  • Rock Hard 4x4™ front bumper
  • Rock Hard 4x4™ shackle pair for safety chain hook attachments
    • Safety chains are included in the Blue Ox™ tow bars below
  • Rock Hard 4x4™ Blue Ox™ tow bar brackets (RH-8000-BO)
  • Blue Ox™ tow bar

Now to be clear, we aren't saying our bumpers work best with or only work with Blue Ox systems. We still proudly support Road Master, Reese, Demco, ReadyBrute, and many other systems. We just happened to partner with Blue Ox™ to bring this easy solution to the flat towing option filled world.
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