Quality from start to finish! We professionally powder coat in house to ensure your Rock Hard 4x4™ upgrade has a premium, durable, and beautiful coating.

We describe our coating as a semi-smooth, semi-gloss finish. It feels like an egg shell (20% texture) which makes it scratch resistant and cuts down on glare. Rough "hammered" finishes have large pores that make it nearly impossible to wipe away dirt and mud, and mirror-like glossy finishes scratch with even a light touch. Often rough finishes are used to mask poor welds and stress cracks during bending, and high gloss coatings show their wear very quickly. Many years ago we outsourced powder coating and had no control over quality. Now, from prep to media blasting to coating to curing, we have total control over how our products present themselves.

Cleaning: put that heavy duty dishwasher detergent away. Most contain properties that are damaging to even the clear coat on your paint. Mild soaps are ideal. Remove salt and adverse weather road sprays as quickly as possible. Off-road, rinse, repeat!