As off road vehicles evolve, so do their accessories. We all fondly remember our "jerry cans" - metal leaky fuel jugs that left endearing rust stains on our bumpers and smelled like gas pumps. Those were the days...

The latest innovation to hit the off road industry is a much needed update on how we refuel our thirsty rigs - RotopaX™! Roto-molded fuel cans that are nearly indestructible. RotopaX™ fuel cans have a manufacturer backed warranty, meaning they'll last longer than you do. For our California customers, these are the only CARB certified way to carry fuel on your rig.

Rock Hard 4x4™ Tank Mounts are designed with RotopaX™ in mind. We've laser cut the RotopaX™ mounting plate bolt pattern into our tank mounts so there will be zero drilling required. Simply bolt up and go! 2 2-gallon packs, an extension, and deluxe (locking or non) fit perfectly on a tank mount.

  • 1 Rock Hard 4x4™ Tank Mount (driver or passenger - or both!)
  • 2 RotopaX™ Cans
  • 1 RotopaX™ Extension
  • 1 Rotopax™ Locking Handle

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