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Rock Hard 4x4™ Fabrication Collar 1.75 inch ID [RH-1175]

Rock Hard 4x4™ Fabrication Collar 1.75 inch ID [RH-1175]

4 Reviews
  • Patented Locking Collar
  • Hardware Included
  • Raw Weld Ready Finish
  • Matching Cap
  • Superior Clamping Strength
  • 100% Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • FINISH: Raw / Bare Metal
  • California Residents: WARNING
  • .: Please click here for your Propsition 65 warning.
Part Number: RH-1175
Rock Hard 4x4 is very proud to offer the original and most trusted bolt-in fabrication ready collar in the industry.

Our proprietary locking collars are arguably the safest and most secure way to not only strengthen your fabrication project but also provide limitless mounting methods.

Patented Design
Protected by Patent US6908107 and used in all our cage systems, our locking collars are the foundation for our Ultimate Sports Cage upgrade. Magazine editors, trail guides, wheelers from across the world, and even competitors have turned to our bolt-in cage for over a decade for their own vehicles. The strength our collars provide is inherent in how they couple our cage components together.

With our patent secured over a decade ago we began production on our cages. Each collar, cap, and tube component in our system is produced in house. This gives us total control over manufacturing to ensure that once a fabrication collar leaves our facility and gets installed in your project, we know it will continue to uphold our sterling reputation.

Our locking collars and caps are solid 1/2" thick CNC machined steel and produced in house. Each cap is secured to it's matching collar with six 5/16" x 1" grade 8 socket head cap screws. Once a cap is secured to it's collar it becomes a solid, unbreakable joint. This means assembly and disassembly is achieved without welding or cutting which could potentially damage your vehicle's interior or expensive powdercoat/paint finish.

A. 1.677
B. 1.875
C. 2.739
D. 2.444

What comes in every kit:
  • Fabrication ready collar
  • Matching cap
  • Hardware

Three Reasons Why:
  • Patented design
  • Decades of proven strength
  • Unmatched quality and fitment

How secure is the RH4x4 locking collar?
If we didn't believe 100% in our collar design we wouldn't run it in our own rigs. It's patented design provides an unbreakable joint and you can feel confident will keep you and your passengers safe for a lifetime of trail use.

What finish is available?
Our fabrication collars ship in a raw, bare metal finish. This prevents potential shipping damage but more importantly allows you the freedom to select your own color locally. Continue a color theme into your cabin for a more unique look!

Where is this mount made?
This product, like all RH4x4 parts, was designed, developed, tested, manufactured, and if applicable, powdercoated, and shipped in the USA. And we don't mean the 75% legal standard to be able to say Made in USA. We are 100% Made in the United States of America!
Product: Lifetime
Coating (if applicable): Due to varying climates and individual use, we cannot offer a warranty on powdercoating.


Average Customer Review:
( 4 )
Mark Cargile from Shasta Lake, CA United States
June 10, 2023
I bought these collars to make a solid mount for a GMRS radio. Everything I’ve found on the market for mounting radios is flimsy and the radio just flops around. These collars are very high quality and should work perfectly for my intended use.
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from ,
February 26, 2021
Excellent Experience!
Expert answers on the phone, exactly right parts were shipped quickly. Great company!
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edward torrez from san antonio , TX United States
September 5, 2017
fab collar
great company and great productsarrived on time
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Billygoat from Arlington heights, IL United States
August 8, 2017
Custom parts
Exactly what I needed for a custom rack .
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