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Rock Hard 4x4™ ALUMINUM Complete Bellypan Skid Plate System for Ford Bronco 2DR 2021 - Current with Factory Fuel Skid with Plastic Front Bumper [RH-60544]

Rock Hard 4x4™ ALUMINUM Complete Bellypan Skid Plate System for Ford Bronco 2DR 2021 - Current with Factory Fuel Skid with Plastic Front Bumper [RH-60544]

  • 1/4" Thick Aluminum
  • 100% Bolt on Install
  • Interlocking Skid System
  • Black Powder Coat Finish
  • 100% Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • FINISH: Black Powder Coat
  • California Residents: WARNING
  • .: Please click here for your Propsition 65 warning.
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Part Number: RH-60544
Truck Freight Shipping Required

Fits 2021 - Current Ford Bronco models.

Bronco Skid Plates
The Ford Bronco 6G brings many refinements that modern vehicles boast, but also has it's own unique undercarriage short-comings. It lacks any skid serious plates! A selling feature of the Bronco is also a hint at a major flaw: the suspension capabilities and increase fender flare clearance require less lift to increase tire size. This means wheelers can install larger tires and tackle tougher trails without having to install a traditional suspension lift kit. Less lift means more dragging your undercarriage and drivetrain all over the rocks.

Belly-Pan Design
To help you make it to the end of the trail, we're offering our most comprehensive and largest skid plate system we've ever designed. This is a true "belly pan" system that protects all your vital drivetrain components. The new Bronco 10-speed transmission drives fantastic, but is very long and pushes your drivetrain further back underneath your rig. To protect your transmission and transfer case, we had to increase the overall size of our skid plates. This is where our "belly pan" design gets to work. From frame rail to frame rail and oil pan to tail of gas tank, our design is comprehensive and complete.

Complete Skid Plate System
Front Lower Bash Skid Plate
Oil Pan / Transmission Skid Plate (with oil change access door)
Transfer Case Skid Plate
Resonator Skid Plate
Fuel Tank Skid Plate
Optional Muffler Skid Plate
Exclusive Tapered Washers

1/4" thick aluminum plating
100% bolt-on design
Powder coat included
All hardware included
Exclusive tapered bolt head protecting washers
Exclusive oil change access door

Complete Skid System Weight: 145 lbs.

Front Lower "Bash" Skid Plate - connects from underside of front bumper to first crossmember at Lower A-Arm Mounts - includes exclusive tapered washer bolt head protectors.

Oil Pan / Transmission - connects from front lower A-Arm Mounts under Bash Skid Plate to Main Transmission Crossmember - includes exclusive tapered washer bolt head protectors. Includes Oil Change access door.

Transfer Case Skid - Connects from main transmission crossmember to back of transfer case skid plate with a heavy duty bracket. Includes exclusive tapered washer bolt head protectors.

Fuel Tank Skid Plate - Uses existing frame mounts and includes 2 brackets for a completely bolt on design.

Optional Muffler Skid Plate - Available in 3/16" steel or 1/4" thick Aluminum. 100% Bolt on Design

Do I experience any driveline vibration or noise?
No. Our oil pan / transmission / dual cat skid mounts away from all driveline components giving you factory like performance. You'd never know the skid was even installed!

Do I have to remove or replace my factory cross member with an aftermarket one to install this skid plate?

Product: Lifetime
Coating (if applicable): Due to varying climates and individual use, we cannot offer a warranty on powdercoating.


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